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"Yes, she’s got it! After weeks of sometimes difficult turmoil, the poorly-educated flower market salesgirl has shown she CAN be educated, and CAN learn to speak like a well-born sophisticate.  The “she” is Hannah Marie Harmon as Eliza Doolittle. And yes, she’s got it! It would be difficult to find a better performer to play the role today than the excellent Hannah Marie Harmon.  She is convincing as the rough Cockney girl with ambitions to “be somebody.”"

- Tom Moore for My Fair Lady


"Hannah Marie Harmon is stunning as Belle. I have never seen an execution of the role done so naturally."   

for Beauty and the Beast


"Hannah Marie Harmon is radiant as Jerusha Abbott. Her vocals are gorgeous, and crystal clear - she effortlessly leads the audience through more than four years of Jerusha's life and imbues the character with captivating realness, spunk, sweetness, wit, and relatability."

for Daddy Long Legs

"Sarah Brown (Hannah Marie Harmon) and Sky Masterson (Phil Baugh) are as good as you could ask for. They each have extraordinary voices and charisma to burn. The talent level of this production matches or exceeds that of any show you will see anywhere this summer." - Bryan VanDriel for Guys and Dolls

"The singing is glorious and the dancing sublime. Austin Delp and Hannah Marie Harmon have gorgeous voices that soar as Sky and Sarah." - Talkin' Broadway, Guys and Dolls

"The music was flawless, the voices outstanding, the dancing sublime...the quiet

strength of Fiona... the miraculous love story, bagpipes and highland's there in all its glory for the audience to enjoy. Once again, Performance Now shines in a luminous production that utilizes their best people and their best technical skills...As performed by Hannah Marie Harmon as Fiona and Jeremy Rill as Tommy, it was very easy to believe that two sensible adults could still fall in love in only one day." - Beki Pineda for Brigadoon

"With such a large cast, it's uncanny to have so many standouts. Hannah Marie Harmon plays Niki Harris, an up-and-coming ingenue of the show and Cioffi's instant love interest, with an effervescent innocence." - - Chris Arneson, BroadwayWorld for Curtains


"His admirable dancing and vocal talents are matched by those of Hannah Marie Harmon as Nikki, the lovely young actress who just might distract him from his all-work life of “lunch counter mornings, coffee shop nights.”  - Joanne Ostrow,  Denver Post for Curtains 


More coming soon!

"Think of Me", The Phantom of the Opera, Hannah Marie Harmon. 

"On the Steps of the Palace", Into the Woods, Hannah Marie Harmon.

"A Change in Me" Cut, Disney's Beauty and the Beast. 

"Home", Cut from Disney's Beauty and the Beast

"I'll Know Vocal Finish", Guys and Dolls, Hannah Marie Harmon. 

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